Thirsty Duck Buoyant Flow Control Devices (BFD's) minimize detention storage volume by maximizing outflow rate.  Depending on system hydrology and hydraulics, storage volume can be reduced up to 50%.  In flood prone areas, Thirsty Duck can utilize excess system volume to provide additional flood attenuation.  In environmentally sensitive areas, Thirsty Duck can utilize excess system volume for additional pollution abatement.

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Thirsty Duck, LP Announces Canadian Partnership with John Meunier, Inc....

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Thirsty Duck, LP Appoints New Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing...

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ER Series

  • Reduce stormwater pond size up to 50%
  • Maximize land usage
  • Minimize the size of underground vaults or chambers
  • Reduce import fill costs
  • Retrofit existing ponds to create usable land
  • Increase water quality volume in existing facilities
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TD Series

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