Benefits & Advantages

Thirsty Duck:

  • Reduce detention storage by up to 50%.
  • Maintain a constant discharge rate regardless of water surface elevation.
  • Lower peak stages for flood control and substantial savings in import fill costs on low lying sites.
  • Offset the effects of Impaired Waters/TMDL requirements.
  • Retrofit existing systems to provide improved flood protection.
  • Dampen fluctuations in discharge rates to sensitive streams and receiving waters.
  • Reduce the cost of stormwater pond construction and recurring maintenance costs such as mowing.
  • Minimize the size of underground vaults or storage chambers.
  • Retrofit existing systems to create new, buildable land.
  • Passive operation - Buoyancy does all the work.
  • Minimize encroachments by stormwater facilities into sensitive wetlands.
  • Regulate wetland hydroperiods.
  • Dampen surge effects in industrial or wastewater treatment processes.
  • Self skimming feature prevents discharge of oils, greases, and other floating debris.
  • Easy installation - See a video of an actual installation here.

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