Company History

Thirsty Duck, LP. is a privately held company that owns multiple patents for buoyant flow control devices.  We have a network of associates to design, engineer, market, model, test, manufacture and distribute Thirsty Duck flow control devices.

Research and testing of the TD Series began in 2004 in Bellingham, Washington.  The pilot installation was made at the Bellingham International Airport in 2006 where it has since performed flawlessly and without maintenance.  Since that time, numerous devices have been installed throughout the Northwest for various public and private sector projects.

Research and testing of the ER Series began in late 2008.  Since that time several permits have been issued for projects throughout Florida.  The first ER Series installation was completed in September 2010, and the device has been operating since then.

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Thirsty Duck, LP
2154 Duck Slough Blvd.
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Trinity, FL 34655

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